Astrologie onderzoek (ADB astrology research)

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The wisdom hierarchy: A simple introduction to reasonable thinking.

79 Art Critics: In this article we explain to astrology students how to use basic statistical techniques to analyse astrological data.

The plumbers story: How to use and abuse the binomial distribution to do some small scale astrology research having no predictive value. How to deal with the sampling error? Deny it or not?

The astrological profile of 1867 ADB astrologers: Which planets and houses seem to be most important according to the ADB?

The most recent results of the ADB Research Group are found at: ADB stats (1,45 GB!). The compressed 7 zip files are the most efficient way to retrieve them.

A list of them can be found here: ADB categories statistically evaluated.

But you will need the Binomial_distribution_for_astrology.xlsx or Binomial_distribution_for_astrology.ods as tools to temper your imagination.

Basale statistiek en kansrekening voor astrologen

Statistiek en astrologie volgens Dane Rudhyar

Enige overpeinzingen over kansen, toeval en onzekerheid

Mogelijkheden, toeval en onzekerheid

Gebruik van TkAstrDb voor astrologisch onderzoek

Graven in de ADB met TkAstrDb (pdf)

Over rectificatie (in bewerking)

Snelcursus niet geïndexeerde Nederlandse en Vlaamse geboorteakten opzoeken in (op verzoek)

Enneagram en astrologie: Mijn eerste pilot studie.

My working process : Not relying on any theory was important for me, as I wanted to test astrology as a method for discovering repeated patterns in time.

ADB links: How do current ADB Forum members and sysops actually think about important astrological questions?

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