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Ray Murphy: This thread has been started so that anything related to astrological research can mentioned, and I suggest that challenging and questions should be very welcome if we are to make some headway. Where will we start?

ADHD (case study, anecdotal information)

Jamie Partridge: Astrological indicators of attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and attention deficit disorder (ADD).

Notice that the ADB category ADHD mentioned only 16 cases out of 55000 in the control group (0,03%) against at least 3300 (6 %) expected. This bias is called systematic underreporting.

ADHD is estimated to affect about 6-7% of people aged 18 and under when diagnosed via the DSM-IV criteria.[22]

The evident problem here is that ADB editors - like ADB or enneagram Forum posters - are not interested in categorising their entries correctly. But getting attention with by incident found fitting their theory cases, could be a welcome motivater to behave in some weird way.

So some bias or laziness could be expected in this category. As ADB editors only tend to enter somebody into a category, when it fits their view. So, a major problem of the ADB is that categories are not systematically assigned.

A more objective approach would be to let the Wikipedia do this categorising job. As most Wikipedia editors are not astrologers, but layman interested in the facts. Wikipedia descriptions are more in line with the current opinions.

For this reason we developed GitHub - dildeolupbiten/TkEnneagram and

TkEnneagram is a Python program that calculates Enneagram scores of persons based on astrological statistics.

A real Aquarian (case study, anecdotal information)

Ray Murphy: Many years ago I was on a sub-committee that was organizing an end of year astrology party (which included entertainment) and it all went remarkably smoothly. Finally when all the plans had been put in place we sat back congratulating ourselves, I said to one of the other astrologers "Hasn't this been an amazing experience -- all of us working together so well without anyone actually leading us?"
She snapped back with a knowing smirk "Whaddya mean - No one leading - I was put in charge of leading the group, but my Triple Aquarius made me keep the groups ideas in mind first, instead of just my own!"

Associating words with chart factors (just another approach to prove the truth of mime's)

Ray Murphy: Hi All, I will be writing a trial program that aims to show astrological factors based on the frequent use of various words when large amounts of general conversation or books etc are processed.

Astrodatabank research tool now released (Look and find, no mention of the usual adbstats)

Alois: The new Astrodatabank research tool has now been released for general use, after a few months of testing. It allows selection of Astrodatabank data by numerous astrological criteria with many combinations. Subscribers of the service 'extended data storage' can also search their own database with the same search patterns:

Astrology as divination (See also Geoffrey Cornelius: The Moment of Astrology. Origins in Divination)

Waybread: After years of trying to get my head around the question of why astrology works (if it does) I have been edging towards the answer as divination. What do you think?

astrology's importance

Mr. Chair: How could astrology be important for society at this time or in the future? Do any of you believe that your astrological work is ultimately for the benefit of society, whether through small or large contributions? Are there ways that people think astrology could be applied beneficially if it's usefulness were demonstrated to people in control (I'm using the term "people in control" vaguely)? How has astrology been beneficial so far? How does this contrast with how it is most often used?

Astrological Research

SandraCapi: Hi. This a beginner's question. I read astrology books and articles where the author states, if the owner of the astrologer chart has this aspect, this is likely to be true. How have astrology statements been tested, or researched or proven? For example a person with sun in aries is said to be more impulsive than other signs. Has that ever been tested? I am sure it would be hard to isolate chart factors for testing. Please do not give a history lesson here. How is current astrology research done? And how is past astrology proven? Where can I find this research?
salyangozun sol anteni (Dutch: slak's linker antenne): Have you ever visited the links below? Vocation : Art Critic / Adb Stats

astrology statistics research (See also: Data mining and The sampling error).

xor___: Hello, I've studied distribution of birth dates in connection with a lifetime using birth and death records and found there is a higher risk of premature death exist for people born in certain seasons of an year - for each geographiocal area correspond different season. Also I've found a higher rate of both exaltation and detriment of Venus according to the Human Design System in serial killer-rapists charts. My code repository: . Please use personal message if you need any additional info. Thank you.
Ray Murphy: I've just had a look at the serial killers (more than one murder) and was able to use 1642 with birth dates showing. 've just had a look at the serial killers (more than one murder) and was able to use 1642 with birth dates showing. I found it a bit slow converting the file into an astrology research file (CSV format) because the number of tab-delimited fields in your data varies.
I noticed that there are more Suns in tropical Leo + Aquarius, but not enough to be impressive.
I also looked at aspects and found these:
(1) SUN con MOO < 10 degs =26% above the theoretical mean
(2) MOO con URA < 6 degs = 35% above the theoretical mean
These two things look very interesting indeed.

Brains wired differently (Yes, all individual brains are wired differently of course. So what? Have you ever studied Brain's anatomy, before you claim to pretend to understand the individual exceptions? Only fools can do claims like this).

Ray Murphy: This is a serious question, and it may even be saying something about me to be asking it, but have other posters noticed that besides the expected differences between people due to chart factors and environment, that some people have difficulty in accepting or even comprehending a FEW standard thought patterns or customs?
I had never noticed it until several years ago, and then I encountered several people like it.
Three Little Birds: Do you have an example? I think I understand your question but I'd rather be sure.

Can Leo become Taurus if he wishes to ?

causality in astrology (See also Geoffrey Cornelius: The Moment of Astrology. Origins in Divination)

Waybread: Basically I look at astrology as a symbolic language, with the horoscope as a graphic form of communication; and how our space and time concepts expand as we learn a new language. I propose a holistic interpretation of planet-human interactions, rather than a linear cause-and-effect model.


Corfirmation Bias - does it undermine astrology?

Apostrophe: I have been through quite a dramatic shift in my worldview in the past few years, vaguely summarized by a questioning of faith based belief systems like religion and astrology and a greater reliance on critical thinking and science.
Lee Rutland: Well, unfortunately, confirmation bias is used in every field, from history, to the Theory of Evolution, to global warming. There is no escaping it.

Death prediction in astrology

Forum Admin: Chart deleted by moderator, rule violation.
Forum Admin: Be sure that we would not permit the planning of war, murder or suicide on the forum. Not everything needs to be written in the rules, we can make them up as situations come along. We also expect some common sense in this community. As can be seen in many responses, it is in fact there. We have nothing against astrologers doing predicions of any kind in their private office, sitting face to face with their clients whom they have known over a long time, and who are paying them. There, they may predict illness and death as much as their client is willing to take. What an astrologers does in his practice is within his domain of responsibility. What is clear to me is that astrologers who play the game of death prediction are not in it "to help their clients". They are in it because they feel it gives them tremendous power.
This power game has been played by some astrologers since millennia. Just do not play it on our forum.
Waybread: Horary astrology operates differently, but if anyone here has mastered its methods sufficiently to confidently assert the snuff-out date for another human being, they can do this in some other venue. (Really? What is the evidence?)

Elementally deficient?

Waybread: Are you "low" in a given element in your chart-- or do you care about someone in this situation? How does it manifest? (Asking for the confirmation bias)

Enneagram and astrology- share your thoughts


cynthpoet: I took an Enneagram Personality Test and came up as a Type 4 (The Romantic/Artist) with Type 2 (The Helper) being the next highest result--all others were so low that they did not even count. Since Enneagram testing takes one's Sun Sign into account, how accurate is this field of study in fleshing out one's personal understanding of the self?

Is all astrology valid?

Ed Falis Member Posts: 592 Gender: male
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I think of astrology as being most closely analogous to math and its applications.
Both are formal symbolic systems with methods for manipulating their symbols. Those rules, which ultimately are based on assumptions, are applied to various fields (eg medical astrology, etc). The astrology case of doing that is broadly similar to applied math for science and engineering (and less formal use).
In both cases, all levels are subject to learning through experience, and development over time. Fundamental math and science have better developed methodology (the study of methods) than astrology does. But they are still subject to these constraints.
Both have applications that can be better or worse developed. Both can have more or less rigorous methods for assessing "logical" consistency, and for assessing accuracy and precision of their representations and their use.
So it's only natural that like math and its application, astrology has fields where the state of knowledge is more or less developed and valid vs bunkum.
I find the above a useful and practical way of thinking about astrology and its nature. The "royal sciences".

I wonder if Ed ever studied Kahneman Fast And Slow Thinking explained.

Het belangrijkste inzicht uit het werk van Daniel Kahneman is dat hij heeft aangetoond dat ons brein eigenlijk twee modus operandi heeft. Hij heeft die systeem 1 en 2 genoemd. Dit zijn de verschillen tussen die twee denkprocessen in ons brein:
Systeem 1
Systeem 2

Wat maakt dat uit? Alles, maar soms niets. Een gokker kan immers altijd geluk krijgen. Maar niet op de lange termijn.

Export of ADB data for research

How did you learn astrology?

How do you check your conclusions?

How is astrology research done by the researchers?

If astrology didn't exist, how could we start?

Inventors of anything

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MBTI and astrology of personality

Medical Astrology

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Opinion survey: Is astrology "scientific"?

Pattern Distributions Of 219 Psychologists' Charts

Psych categorizing ideas wanted for research

Recent advances in scientific astrology


Rectifying a chart - a challenge

Rectifying a chart candidate Jetty Cantor

Ganglion: The next candidate is a Dutch Jewish violinist and cabaret maker, who survived the Holocaust thanks to her playing music for time.

Research: Musicians

RESEARCH - Anyone using Jigsaw or Astrodatabank?

Research - Finding provable categories

Research - Gauquelin 1472 Painters

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Research - Suicide - Sun-Sun

Scientific Testing of Astrology

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Sedna Consciousness, the Path of Destiny :

Southern Hemisphere astrology - burning question

The Huber Approach to Astrology

tropical vedic or sidereal western astrology

Wanted lots of marriage date data :

Western Astrology Add-Ons in the last 150 years

What does the chart NOT show?

Alois: It does not show your intelligence, your wealth, your weight or height, your education, your health, the colour of your skin, whether you are a Saint, a Nazi, a Communist, a Trumpist or a normal person, and many other concrete things.

Who Can Overpower Pluto ?

Ganglion: The slow planet Pluto certainly deals with long-standing planetary (becoming unconscious cosmic) influences. Slow changes that easily could trap you. Slow influences/changes could become unnoticed habits. Boiling Frog Experiment :: What do you think is the frog's fate? Watch more.

Whole houses vs other house systems